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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Older artwork deframed..........

Lake Michigan, watercolor, 1989

My wife and I have a framing business that we are trying to close down. When we don't want to make a 30 mile trip to pick up glass, when we are on a deadline, we will salvage glass off of framed work of the past.   
This watercolor was painted back in 1989 when my wife and I took an artist painters tour around Lake Superior and down the side of the east side of Lake Michigan.  This painting was done on the shore of the lake and then was reworked in the studio.  My skills of watercolor have improved a lot since them but I find it still and interesting rendition.

Shovel Point, Lake Superior North Shore, oil pastel

This has no date on it but it is about 10 years old, as was painted on the rocky shore of Superior.  The formation is wonderful with varied colors and textures. I really like to work in oil pastel as it is more like working with an oil stick. This is a beautiful location but one has to hike down a steep hill to get to the sight.  The shovel point area is also a great hike one can take that follows that incline to the shore.

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