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Friday, July 2, 2010

Another peek......

Here is a sneak peek of the restored 1906 depot here in Woodward.  The trolley system extended to downtown Des Moines and it is written that they had a trolley make seven trips a day.  I have posted parts of the mural on the net before but really don't want to show you much until it gets in a more completed state.

Here is a early preliminary view of it as we have added so many things since this was photographed. The can and box are there to give us an idea of what things should look like if we painting things into the foreground.  It will be a mural on the inside of the building and it is to appear that you are looking out to see the trolley is waiting for yourself to get on board.
We did change the windows from the sketch below as both of the trolley's had different window treatments.  We have a photo of the windows with the curved portion above the two windows and the trolley is sitting at the depot in Woodward.   More to come.

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Kristine and Michael said...

What a wonderful project you have going there.