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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A commissioned work........

A year before the trolley mural was even a hint of an idea, the one who commissioned me to do this work had a vision of what this should look like.  It is a drawing of him looking out to see the trolley as it was coming into town.  He is the little boy in the drawing and he remembers standing there watching it with the whirling sound that an electric train would make.  It was in 1933 and he liked going into the garden to watch the show.

The actual resource picture that I had was a small 3 by 4 inch photo, not clear and it was lacking contrast and detail.  The rest was left to my knowledge of what I see when I look across my west side of the house across the field.  It is the same field, but the photo is south a few hundred yards.  The little boy is actually his own son standing out in the yard looking towards a train going by his house.

A year later, he and his friend thought of the idea to have a mural painted. That trolley was to represent the earlier years around 1906 when the route was first established. The little boy represented in the photo is the older gentleman below in the photo with me installing the mural. Russ is his name and he and I can talk history back and forth until the cows come home.  I really enjoy his friendship.

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Bachelor said...

What a great story!! I love it! And your art work is very creative! Glad that you have a buddy friend who you can talk to until the cows come home; you both are lucky ducks! :) The Bach