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Monday, October 4, 2010

My Rooster, first and only one.............

Chickens have become a popular theme for decoration on all sorts of domestic items.  I think the fad has been around for over 15 years now. I really like some of the painted platters with roosters as  the design. 
Back in 1994 I tried my hand at doing a rooster from a photo using pastel pencils.  The actual artwork is a lot weathered as it has been at school with me for quite some time and it has been squeezed in a file which rubs some of the pastel around.  I think I should sit down and give it a reviving in texture and clear color.
When I was a kid we had only white chickens.  One year I asked my mom why we didn't have a rooster and she said we would save one back.  That meant that when she bought her 150 boiler chickens to raise from chicks in the spring, she would butcher all of them but one.  This was the time when they had not hybridized them so much that they did have definite traits of being either a hen or rooster. 
That rooster was a terrorists as he protected his hens and would try to gouge me with is talens which were large and were very sharp.  Hens were never threatening but this guy protected his flock.  I am sure one day in the fall while I was at school my mom had dad take off his head and we eventually ate him.  The parents were good about eating things that got to be sick or a nuisance.
I would like to venture into drawing roosters and rabbits, different kinds of small animals.  Being a farm boy at heart I could even stand to paint a pig or two. 
I thought I would share this oldie with you again until I get free to start again to do fresh new artwork. Thanks for stopping by at my artspot.