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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Crafty Painting.......

A few years back I would be working on a work and find some down time when I wasn't working.  I would paint on things. The rocks are fun to paint on with acrylic paint.  The piece of walnut wood took a while to get the paint to self seal itself on the wood.  Once I had enough coats of acrylic paint the bottom layers dried into the wood and sealed the porous walnut wood.

The colors are not quite correct here but I wanted you to see closer the natural wood texture that is at the top of the walnut slab of wood.

This one is a little weathered from laying in the kitchen window ledge.  It took on moisture.  It makes it look like it has  been antiqued. 


carolann said...

Very beautiful Larry.

Very artistic.

carolann said...

My Friend lives in N.B and she painted rocks for her flower garden. ..

I won a cup from a site. They did a picture of me. ha-ha.

You sure are talented.

Boy you two really have patience of Job traveling and sitting as you do.

I applaud you.

So what do you do now. As another hobby?

Well must go now.

Have a great day and thank you for dropping by my blog and comment as you do..