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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Minnesota drawing.......

I have these scenes imprinted in my mind and draw them freely.  This may be a little bit contrived but it was a quick charcoal sketch to remind myself that I am an artist part of the time during my busy life.


paul said...

i like this

Marie said...

I was told once that if someone can create movement and form in a simple drawing, they can create a more complex work....they have true artistic ability. This is that kind of simple drawing that is truly beautiful and so perfect!

L. D. said...

I appreciate your insight on your comment Marie. I get so discouraged as my time is not available for me to create right now and in my mind I guess I felt like I should just quit trying. You have encouraged me.

carolann said...

I started to sketch as I said. I love trees. Did some paintings.

Charcoal is hard to use I am told.

If I knew how to put up another
posts like you have.

Not savvy to do that. When it comes to be smarts in my rearranging on Imagination. I am not savvy believe me.