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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Gallery Wall.....

I spent an afternoon rearranging and rehanging artwork in our gallery.  I need more space to hang things.  It has to be reworked about every year as it is like modern design of shapes on the wall and the sizes have to be fit together to have the most space used.

It makes for a cozy corner once I get everything hung.  My wife Della and I have our work hung together.  She paints full time so the majority of work on this wall belong to here.  I see a couple of barns of mine on the wall the the larger tulip painting is mine.

I have goals set to start painting this winter as the outside work won't be interfering with the inside work with snow on the ground.  I have some panels that are gessoed and sanded that are ready to go for me to start painting.


Ruby said...

Its a delight to discover our blog!!I love your work!Cheers.

Vivian said...

Lovely paintings! You are both so talented.

Marie said...

Great idea for hanging your work!