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Monday, December 6, 2010

The lost farm..........

This is a watercolor I painted a few years back as a commission.  The farm belonged to my client's family and it was destroyed for the making of a lake here in Iowa.  The land itself became a waterway and is not under water today.  As an artist one tends to paint tightly to depict all the details that the person wants, more that to make a painterly work.  I painted in the tractor and the old family car to  make sure they could identify with the place.  In reality I am sure the buildings were not well painted and the house probably needed a coat of paint.


Abraham Lincoln said...

I have been cramped for "time" of late and apologize for not being around more. Your watercolor is a reminder that watercolors can be tight as I call it. Tight as opposed to loose and wet or wet on wet. I used to do a lot with gouache and then with acrylics and finally at the same time as these, I did oils. And I was commissioned to do a farm scene not unlike this one in oils.

I think you did a masterful job on this one and I like it.

Doowmée said...

Lovely, I love it.

Doowmée said...

Larry, thank you for your passage on Smudge ... It is easy to make a watercolor, when the model has much more beauty than painting. This village of over 1000 years, is really beautiful. Alas, modern buildings are beginning to disfigure. It is unfortunate that with technology we have lost the sense of beauty, harmony. Thou shalt understand, I love the old walls, old stone houses. I like to think, to the peasant of the Middle Ages, in the spring, passing through the village and asking for a brief stopover, his gnarled old hand and tired at the corner of the church, or those children early the 20th century, playing in the forecourt of the school, and splitting with their wooden clogs, mud puddles ... and autumn leaves. I hear the horses prance and roll diligence ... I am a lover of the past is one reason that makes me love "Sepia ", you know so well for us to revive ... even with the language barrier, because I do not have English perfectly. Moreover, in this regard, you never said it was understandable or is it just gibberish ..
I also love your work as a painter. I like your paintings a lot, "A Brave New Journey", "A watercolof of Minnesota Birch and Chickadee" and I discovered at once the remarkable talent of your spouse. It is a joy that two people are united talented ... which division.
So, as I've just heard from one of your countrymen that we do not say, as in France, kisses to the States, but hugging, so here goes:
Hugs to you both, even if it's weird for me: lol: