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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Paradise Beach.........

This is a beach along Lake Superior that is made up of small stones rather than sand. It is just north of Grand Marais, Minnesota.  It is still a public beach as a few miles north it becomes Indian Reservation. Beach is an exaggeration as the water is too cold to swim and the drop off is severe in just a few feet out.
The island is at a distance and the sea gulls have a rookery out there each year.  It is noisy as the sea gull parents are busy bringing in food for the chicks.
The painting was done in acrylic and is on a canvas panel 12" by 24."
When we visit this area we allow our small dog to run freely as it is away from the highway.  He just loves to tear around the beach and stick his nose into the water.


Gabriele Agustini said...

I love this painting!!
It gives a feeling of serenity.
I can understand why your little dog would enjoy it there!

Thanks for visiting my blog and I'm sorry that your mug was broken.
I actually looked underneath to see who made mine, went online to see if they had more, but they didn't.

Have a wonderful weekend. I hope you'll be painting!


Abraham Lincoln said...

I guess, until today, I never realized you were a painter, artist, drawer, or whatever. I spent some time on this blog looking at your output and it is enviable. I got out of the groove after so many years and sold all of my stuff and didn't even have pictures of it all. So I am getting watercolors back in and brushes and paper but will avoid the oils this time and may get into acrylics if I feel like i need that too. Keep on painting and doing your thing.