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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A second painting in progress.....

I don't always do this, but sometimes it is best to have a couple paintings going at a time. It is so you can return to one and be more objective about what you are doing. I have read about artists who have up to ten paintings going at the same time.  It works better if you are working in oil as sometimes it just plain needs to dry out so you can get back into it.  My wife has to take days off sometimes to get any work done, as oil tends to absorb the colors layer to layer.

I am being brave here showing you a start of a painting, but I know that it interests you all.  It is a rough start and I don't have a handle on the color tone of the picture.  One just needs to block it all in to get the canvas white covered.

Day two on this work and I am getting a good grasp as to where I want this to go.  I still have some over intense colors that comes with acrylic paint.  One has to work hard to tone down such bright colors that are in the tubes.  I worked on the foreground just the past hour and I am so pleased with it. I will put in a few stray weeds and sticks and that part is done.  Again as with my Ragatta painting,  I am sensing a balance problem in the composition.  It will probably call for some wild plum bushes or trees somewhere on the right side.  I will get to that once I get the fresh plowed field to the correct color.

I really do want to finish up the painting with the barn and silo.  I may pick it up tomorrow and work on it again.  Thanks for checking in on my work in progress. 


Anonymous said...

How interesting to see the differences coming to life. I can almost imagine that tall grass gently swaying in the breeze. Thanks for showing us the steps as you go along.

Anonymous said...

I just read your "about me". You are a good man, Larry. I hope you are enjoying your retirement and I commend you for being a Sunday School Teacher. I'm sure you are a good one and life's experiences can enhance your classes. Do you exhibit your fine oil painting in an art show? It is a sunny day here in Indiana; very cold though. God's richest blessings to you today! The Bach