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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Silver Bay, Minnesota

This is a pastel painting that I did while sitting on the shore of Lake Superior.  The rocky shoreline is beautiful with its weathered rock and blue waters.  Canada Geese dot the entire North Shore area and can be found feeding close to the shore as the food that it eats comes from shallow water. Loons and sea gulls are also seen along the water.

Silver Bay is a mining town as they process and ship iron ore from that area along Lake Superior.  The ore is manufactured into small pellets, smaller than marbles and shipped out over seas in large shipping vessels.

My wife and I use to travel the North Shore every summer.  We would spend a week or so travelling the edge of Minnesota along the lake finding spots for drawing and painting.  We would sit for many hours at a time from Duluth to the Indian reservation area of Grand Portage.  Sometimes I painted in acrylic or watercolor.  My favorite is actually the pastel medium as I feel it is more of a drawing medium even though it is called painting. We both have many paintings from the years that we travel starting in 1989 until 2001.  We have not returned since 2001.


♥AMBre said...

Je ressens le calme et le plaisir de ce moment que tu as passé à cet endroit.

Caroline Gill said...

I really enjoyed this post and your pastel painting - complete with Canada geese. I didn't know that pastel art was referred to as painting, though in one way I can see why. I hope your feathered friends are surviving in the chilly temps ... it's bitterly cold here in the east of the UK,

claude said...

You are very talented, Larry.

Ruby said...

Its a brilliant drawing. I especially love the wavy ripples in the water and the solid rocks. Brilliant!!!

Marie said...

The light in this is amazing! beautiful!

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