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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Small barn...

The reasons for smaller barns to be built were probably varied. In the town that I live, the first properties built all had each small barns to house the cow for milk and the horse for the buggy. My neighbor's and my own property had barns built across the street from each other. I still have the foundation to that barn on my lot. The last barn standing in this town was torn down a year ago. It was a block up the street from where I live.

Another reason for small barns was probably economy. It was all one small farmer could afford and build on his own while scraping out a living off of the land. Some farms today in Iowa have both their small barn standing and also a larger one that was built later. 

Spring on the prairie can be like a flower garden with the wild plum  trees blooming and the early plants with flowers.  This farm is not abandoned but is not in use.  The need for a small barn for the horse is gone.  Storing loose hay is outdated and a retired farmer can only view the scene of the past and remember. 


Cathy said... interesting the progress from the one posted before and this one. I can see this one is finished. It looks more finished, and it looks aged. I must also say that it is interesting how the adding of such a tiny little bird in flight adds 'life' to the picture! Very nice job. I really like it. I also noticed the blooming of the tree to the left. :)

LadyCat said...

The colors in this one look so warm and the textures are great. Interesting info on the small barns.
BTW...I told Frank hi for you : )

Jo said...

I have a friend who lives in Iowa. I imagine it to be very beautiful there. I love old barns like this. Good job!

Bachelor said...

It is so sad that we've lost rural America.. a time where our culture was based on eternal values. Nice job on your painting... someday, I'd like to take some oil painting classes.
:) The Bach

gwentman said...

Hi L.D.
You have beautiful paintings, you are a man who is very talanted.